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IBC Service is dedicated recycling company specializing in service, recycling and also trading of multiple-use industrial packaging – containers IBC, barrels, cans. Many years of experience, modern machinery and highly qualified staff are the advantages of providing high quality of our products. Our containers are ecologically safe and also meet the highest quality standards and parameters specific to ADR/RID.

The multiple-use industrial packaging have been designed to protect the environment and the resources. The IBC containers are suitable for storage  materials such as acids, alkali, varnishes, adblue and food substances. IBC containers reduce the costs of storage and transport of liquid and semi-liquid materials comparing with other type of packaging. IBC containers provide the protection even under difficult and adverse condition. Our offer covers the IBC containers of capacity 1000l, 800l and 600l.

As part of our business, we offer you a collection of packaging waste - 15 01 02, 15 01 03, 15 01 05, 15 01 06, 15 01 10*. The collection will be fulfilled by all requirements of environmental protection legislation. We collect worn and dirty but empty containers, suitable for reuse, and those which are intended for recycling.

On the basis of that license for the collection, transport and recycling of packaging waste for  all adopted barrels and IBC containers, IBC Service issues KPO (Waste Transfer Card), DPO (proof of recovery) and DPR (proof of recycling).

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